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Notice Regarding Access to Personnel Files

Under Minnesota Law you have the following rights:

1.  Upon making a good faith written request, you have the right to review your personnel records up to once every six months. The records will be made available during the Company's normal hours of operation, but not necessarily during your normal working hours. The records will be made available at your regular place of employment or a nearby location. The Company may require that the review be done in the presence of a Company representative. After reviewing your personnel records, if you so choose, you may make a written request for a copy of any records which will be provided free of charge.

2.  Former employees, upon making a good faith written request, have the right to receive a copy of their personnel record once each year after separation of employment for as long as the personnel record is maintained. The personnel records will be provided free of charge.

3.  The Company will comply with the written request to review or provide a copy of the personnel records within seven (7) working days after receipt of the written request, or within fourteen (14) days after the receipt of the request if the personnel record is located outside of the state.

4.  Employees and former employees have the right to submit a written position statement to the personnel record if the record contains any disputed information which the employee/former employee and the Company cannot agree to remove or revise. The written position statement may not exceed five written pages. The written position statement will be included along with the disputed information in the record for as long as the disputed information is maintained in the personnel record. A copy of the written position statement will also be provided to any other person who receives a copy of the disputed information from the Company after the written position statement is submitted.

5.  Under the personnel records statute, employees and former employees may bring a civil cause of action seeking to compel compliance and may recover actual damages plus costs for a violation of the statutes. In addition, the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry enforces the statute and can seek additional remedies.

6.  The Company will not retaliate against an employee for asserting the rights or seeking the remedies described above.


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